Ask and it is Given

house front

Say hello to our new house and thank you to the Universe. This morning this house was listed and this afternoon it was ours. It is exactly the same as the house we live in now, a one level semi with three bedrooms, separate lounge/dining and a hallway running the length of the house. And the best part is that it’s just around the corner – about half a block away. No views of the harbour any more but it doesn’t matter when this is out back.

house yard

It isn’t available until late January and we have to be out by 1 Feb so it is perfect timing as well. Only 5 days of double rent. Phew! I am so relieved that we are finally sorted.

If you know anyone in Sydney who wants a scooter I have put mine on Ebay.


It doesn’t go because it has been sitting without being ridden for nearly two years but it is probably just the battery or electrical or something. Take if off my hands as is by clicking here.

More listings – treadmill, weights bench, Pilates Power Gym, crappy spin bike (free with treadmill) for sale plus I’m selling all my diet/fitness books via my blog here.

Thank you Universe ~ a real life manifestation ~ woo hoo!!

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