The Last of the Old

the view{view from the lounge, kitchen and bedroom}

When I left my husband in 2010, I only moved a couple of streets away. When Duckfish and I moved in together it was still in the same suburb.

Nearly every day I walked past the house that my husband and I used to share. I went to the same corner store, the same restaurants and the same bottle shop that I’d gone to with him.

It wasn’t until we moved this weekend that I realised I needed to get away. It feels like I’ve cut the cord to my old life and now I am free. Free to start afresh where there are no memories of my old life, in my old suburb.

Duckfish and I are living our dream life on the Northern Beaches, miles away from the office blocks of the city and the high-rises of McMahons Point. We’re surrounded by beaches, bush and sunshine. When I sit on the front veranda I can hear the sound of the sea.

The last of my old life is washed away with each new wave that crashes upon the beach.


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