The Support Crew

These are my real life “people” who I met through blogging. They are my support crew, my cheer squad and my dearest friends. I give you the gorgeous bloggers I adore.


shelleyMy Favourite Quote

“Most would attribute success to getting what they want. They think it can only be achieved by giving it everything they have. They believe there are no shortcuts, that it takes hard work and determination. What if success could be the Joy you feel. The dreams and visions and feeling positive as they unfold. Success could then be defined as a happy life, and a happy life is just a string of happy moments. Most people do not allow the happy moments because they are so busy trying to get a happy life.”


nicoleMy Favourite Quote

“I have been feeling so great about myself over the last couple of weeks and that feeling came to a screaming halt in one night all because of how I perceive I look compared to others. The truth is moments like these lead me to feeling really down for days on end which results, not necessarily in bingeing but just not really caring about anything – food, exercise, housework, talking to anyone etc..

Well, not this time, as Craig Harper would say – Suck it Up Princess!! and get on with the show. I wasn’t blessed with skinny genes but I am blessed with having knowledge about nutrition, knowledge about training and the motivation to continue training hard and eating right until I reach my goal.”

Fern [private blog]

FernMy Favourite Quote

“I LOVE to exercise to feel good within my body – so just like reps in the gym to harden up the muscles, I have been practicing reps for my mind. Every morning I do TEN reps and Every afternoon I do TEN reps in my head of HAPPY thoughts. This week has been “I breathe in the now, release the past, embrace the future” Have to say this week in particular – even with all the stress – I’ve had NO constipation, my skin is clear and it’s TTOM coming up, no bloating (although tits are sore again) my energy is awesome and sleeping like a bub!!!”


LizMy Favourite Quote

“Unfortunately many people who partake in the fitness industry seem to have many cases of the “all or nothing” attitude shining through. It almost may be safe to say that the more extreme the sport, the more obsessive the attitude (think marathon running, bodybuilding etc) – like most things, there are probably exceptions to the rule but I think my observation is on the whole pretty accurate.

The take home message for all of us is to breathe in the air of possibility – there is still so much we don’t know yet. Scientific studies aren’t always independent, there can be bias – so it is up to us to learn to critically evaluate claims about things and tread our own path.”

  • I love you all ♥

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