50 Shades of Grey

katie photoshoot

Today Duckfish and I had a photoshoot for an article I wrote for the Sun Herald Sunday Magazine. These aren’t the photos the photographer took, but after we finished Duckfish took some photos of me.

My hair is now 100% natural (and looks lighter outside in natural light). Hence the title … 50 shades of grey.

PS: It’s a huge thing for me to like how I look after struggling so long with my body image.


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27 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey

  1. You look absolutely bloody STUNNING! And don’t you ever think otherwise :).

    I adore the bottom right.

    And DF, looks like she’s teaching you a thing or two about photography amongst other things ;).

    1. Oh … and it’s the chair photography trick — for some reason you can’t take a bad photo when you lean on the back of the chair. Try it next time you take a photo of someone.

    2. Thanks Posh Socks but Canon EOS, a brilliant lens and a gorgeous subject have to take all the credit, not me – I’m just point and click (or is it lick?) boy.

  2. Oh Katie you look bloody GORGEOUS!! And i agree with Shelley – bottom right is such a lovely pic x

  3. You look like a person I would see in the inner sleeve of a novel, with eyes who ‘see’ everything x

  4. Wow Katie, these photos are amazing! They are so natural. I love the title – very creative! Julie xx

  5. I applaud you for going natural. It looks great and you look comfortable and ‘not old’. I have been letting my grey come in and my hair is long… I’ve had 2 men tell me that I would look younger/better if I dyed it! Absolutely not.

    1. Luckily for me I have short hair and I used to get blonde foils only in the top. Once I realised my roots were as light as the blond streaks I just gave up getting it coloured. It can’t be easy growing in long hair. Good luck with it ♥

  6. I’m a little late in the commenting but I must chime in to say your hair is great! Everybody seems to think I’m wacky for it but I actually really really want hair exactly the colour yours is haha… (since I was a little girl I’ve had a dream of someday being an elegant lady with a long silver braid) This super multi-faceted silver awesomeness you have going on is just so wicked.

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