The Secret to Networking in the Real World

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Imagine this – a room full of a couple of hundred people you don’t know and you’re required to ‘network’ with them. That means introducing yourself, talking about your blog and at some point slipping a brand new business card into a stranger’s hand.

For an introvert this is the stuff of nightmares.

This is where I was on Saturday. Smiling outwardly and cringing inwardly. It was too early in the morning to drink Vodka.

Duckfish, the brilliant socialite who can strike up a conversation with anyone, gave me a pep talk before I left home. He revealed a secret I didn’t know.

‘You won’t click with everyone,’ he said. ‘Just keep going until you find someone you like.’

You know that awkward silence that creeps into a conversation when you meet someone new? It turns out it’s not because there’s something wrong with you, not because you’re dull, stupid or boring, it’s because there are always going to be people who won’t warm to you (and vice versa). They’re just not your kind.

Knowing this gave me confidence and freedom. I searched through several people before I found the ones. They were there, they will always be there, I just had to stay open, trust my instincts and keep going. If I had shut down earlier when I didn’t connect, I never would have been open to the people I belonged with.

It’s a variation on the theme: you can’t please everyone.

In social situations when you meet new people — not everyone will like you.

You probably already knew that. And now I know it too.


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6 thoughts on “The Secret to Networking in the Real World

  1. That’s such a wonderful piece of advice Katie, thank you for sharing and I will try and remember that next time I go somewhere with lots of new people!

  2. I’m so crap in social situations. I find them excruciating. But yeah, Duckfish is right..gotta wade through and find the ones you click with. Kinda like internet dating 😉

    1. Good point — exactly like internet dating, except you can’t look at their profiles first and weed out the ones who say “What ur doing 2nite?”

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