The graduate rap

Oh dear … another rap masterpiece from Duckfish on a Sunday afternoon —


I’m a High Distinction Girly
but I don’t look like Liz Hurley
I love great sex so dearly
that I need it more than yearly

Don’t rush or come too early
for sure, you’ll make me surly
If you make my necklace pearly
you’ll lose your short and curlies

If you do things debonairly
and don’t treat me unfairly
you’ll turn my gigi whirly
and I’ll make your eyes go twirly

Don’t give me Rupert Penry-Jones
When all I want is Depp
And if all you want is skin and bones
I’ll Facebook ‘You’re a schlepp’

I’m a Masters high-end leader
my intellect’s not Weider
I’m a one-place google reader
a mystical thought seeder

I’m a cultural fast feeder
no suffering heart-bleeder
I’m not your common zebra
or a failing pity needer

Don’t want no garden weeder
or a crooked rev-head speeder
and you’ll make this rap absurder
if all you drink is cider

Don’t give me William Blake, my love
When all I want is Keats
With Wuthering Heights, my mind you’ll bend
And with my heart, yours beats


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    1. Aaargh! WTF, she posted this? Thank god she didn’t post the EXPLICIT LYRICS version! It’s not my blog, you have to ask her.

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