The Writer’s Rap

writer's rap

Duckfish wrote me a rap song…

I’m a non-fiction writer
I make books in my cellar
I’m an existential dweller
I’m a New York best seller
I’m a straight-talkin’ chick, sir
I’m a lithograph lap-dancer
My rising sign is Libra
and my adverbs are a cancer

So let’s just drink some Vodka V
and talk a little sex
We’ll give her what she wants you see
But not what she expects

I’m your cerebral love Ninja
but I used to be a binger
So don’t be such a whinger
My feelings, you can’t injure
I’m your battery recharger
I can make your penis larger
I guess I’ll see you later
when I’m through with my vibrator

So watch out Mister Publisher
don’t want your wife to know
Before you get dementia,
Your mind’s about to blow.


About KatieP

Embracing my midlife sexy while exploring modern love & relationships • Devoted to all things beautiful • Master of Arts in creative writing & non-fiction writing

12 thoughts on “The Writer’s Rap

  1. Alright?? you call him alright?? you are nuts and you know it!! He is divine…. and so are you! By the way… is he a Cancerian??

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