Enough Money to do Whatever You Want ~ The Prosperity Game

The Prosperity Game

For me, having lots of money isn’t only about buying lots of material things but it is also about having the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Although there is no financial lack in my life, I have been playing the Prosperity Game and having a ball spending my imaginary money on imaginary things and experiences.

The Prosperity Game

The Prosperity Game is simple. Every day the Universe pays you an amount that starts at $1,000 and increases by $1,000 every day. On day 4 you get $4,000 and on day 14 you get $14,000 and so on.  Then each day you get to spend it. You don’t have to spend it all on one thing (although you  can) and you don’t have to spend it all, you can save up for something bigger tomorrow. Not only is it heaps of fun, but it also focuses you on what you really want.

“The Universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration that you offer in response to what you are imagining, so this Prosperity Game Process is a powerful tool for shifting your vibrational point of attraction.” — Abraham-Hicks

I Live in a Virtual Reality of Abundance

I use a free online financial tracking tool called ClearCheck where I enter my daily income and then the things I am buying that day. In my virtual reality, I only buy first class airline tickets, I am going on a cruise (with Shelley), and a yoga retreat. I am hosting a seminar at the Wh1te S@ils Asylum, I rent the house of my dreams, I have a cleaner, frequent massages, my own domain and web designer, an elliptical, an iPhone, laser eye surgery, laser hair removal and so much more.

The Point of the Game

The benefit of the game is threefold.

  1. I get to decide what I really want to have, and what I really want to do with my life
  2. I spend several minutes a day feeling really great while I buy everything I want and look forward to the bigger ticket items in my future
  3. I have a positive, joyful feeling about money so the Law of Attraction starts matching my good money feeling by sending me more money [I picked up a $10 note of the footpath the other day :)]

Did you Know

  • “By writing checks, using your imagination, writing the memos, focusing as you write, and feeling no resistance as you write the checks because there will be no fear of overspending, you will achieve what is necessary in the achievement of anything: You will have made a statement of desire while you are in the state of non-resistance, or better said, in the state of allowing.

So, not only will you have the benefit of an expanded imagination, but your point of attraction will shift, and your life experience will then shift as well. Not only will your financial situation improve, but all manner of things that you have focused upon with pleasure will begin to flow into your experience.

Joyously playing this Prosperity Game will not only improve your financial state of being, but every aspect of your life will improve as well. It will not only help you to activate more vibrations around things you want, but it will assist you in focusing, more of the time, in a way that allows the things that you want to flow into your experience.

Playing this game will cause you to offer a more expansive, expectant vibration. And it is our promise to you that manifestations will begin to arrive in response to your changed vibration.”

Abraham-Hicks in Ask and It is Given pages 177 – 181

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