Love the Skin You’re In – Anthology of Body Image Posts

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Love the Skin You’re In is an anthology of thirty-one body image posts from head ♥ heart ♥ health.

In September 2009 I woke up one morning bloated from a binge the night before. That day I vowed never to diet again. Over the next few months I navigated the journey from obsessive dieting and exercising to recovery and documented my discoveries on my blog. This anthology is a collection of thirty-one of those posts.

I hope this information gives you hope that recovery is possible. If someone who has dieted for close to five years and competed in two body-building contests can break free of the diet cycle then you can too.


Table of Contents


Inner Wisdom Eating

(1) Eat When You’re Hungry

(2) Eat What You Want

(3) Eat Consciously

(4) Stop When You’re Full

Today I’m Naturally Slender

The Wonderful Evolved Future You

Self-Loathing to Self-Love in 5 Steps

How to Release a Limiting Belief

The Right Tool for the Job

Weight Mastery | It’s Like Learning to Dance

Why “Not-Dieting” Sucks!

The Butterfly

What’s Keeping You in the Diet Cycle?

The Four Stages of Diet Recovery

Phase One | Diets Don’t Work

Phase Two | Leave the Past Behind | Separation

Phase Three | Limbo

Phase Four | Transformation

Chasing the Dream

Eating When You’re NOT Hungry

Letting Go

How Can You Tell if Intuitive Eating is Working?

Is it Giving Up or Surrender?

It’s Just Food for Fuck’s Sake

What Sucks About Being Thin?

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

How Can I Love Myself When I’m Getting Fat?

Is Intuitive Eating Normal Eating?

Is Your Dream Humanly Possible?

What Sherlock Holmes Can Teach Us about Dieting

The Three Headed Monster That is Keeping You Fat

The Secret to Ending the Weight Struggle

Before You Go


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