Four Aussie Chicks and an American I Can’t Live Without


There are loads (and loads) of blogs I devour every single day and it is difficult to choose who to send some love to so I have used the criteria of the bloggers who send the most traffic my way [see exhibit A above].

May I introduce Four Aussie Chicks and One American amazing bloggers!


My Favourite Quote

“This Week … I have been totally drug free*.

I had a house inspection, a flooded garage/gym, a manflesh rejection and a maths exam and I still did NOT lose my shit.

Fuck I’m good.”

(*referring to anti-depressants not the hard stuff!)


My Favourite Quote

“One major break through for me is that normally I go hell for leather trying to lose as much weight as poss before a LM quarterly workshop (normally starting from the day after one, to the next scheduled date, 12 weeks just enough time right 🙂 ???) but without success and following my lifelong habit of binge/starve/cry and cry for ‘failing’/find focus/start gain/binge /starve/cry and cry……………………. but I am soooooo excited to say I am finally embracing, (and succeeding) in being what I used to term ‘normal’ eating/training habits, although I now understand there is no normal, as whats normal for one isn’t normal for another.”


My Favourite Quote

“As I was walking through the lift lobby on my way out of the office this arvo, I swear the sign next to the lift button said “Are you wearing your underpants?”

I had to do a double-take and discovered that it was one of our many Big Brother security notices, and actually said “Are you wearing your building pass?”

Good thing I’m off work for the next nine days. Maybe my brain will regrow in that time…”


My Favourite Quote

“I did it* because I want women to feel comfortable in their skin regardless, to love themselves and feel comfortable in front of their partners.

I did it because my heart aches for the e-mails I get from people–GORGEOUS people–who binged like me, who hate their bodies, who everyday obsess about food, their post baby body changes, exercising, and negative thoughts.

I exposed myself so that everyone can look at themselves in the mirror each morning and knock back one negative thought and put a positive there. If that is what I can do…mission accomplished. There are gonna be good days, there are gonna be bad days, there are gonna be ‘damn I look hot’ days and ‘damn I look flabby’ days.

Whatever day you’re having, remember that there is something about your life that you can expose which is beautiful.”

[*referring to the Exposed post that started the revolution]


My Favourite Quote

“Relax. Enjoy your food. Eat lean and clean food most of the time because you like it and it makes you feel good. Savour your treats and never deny yourself if a treat is what you really want. Accept that on some days you’ll eat more and on others you’ll eat less. It will balance out. Enjoy social occasions without being a stick in the mud because the food on offer isn’t on your diet plan. But on the other hand never never never stuff yourself silly. You don’t need to. Nothing is banned and you can have it again any time you wish. Eat til you’re pleasantly satisfied. Its ok to leave food on your plate. The angels will appreciate it.

Exercise because you love it and you love how it makes you feel. If you miss a day that’s ok. There is no rule that says that missing a day’s training is sacrilege. It doesn’t make you a bad, lazy or unmotivated person. Do what you love. If you’re a cardio queen then enjoy your hot, sweaty heart-thumping sessions. If you’re a weights girl then get under some heavy shit, lift and grunt. Love what you do. Aim for some balance.

And finally, accept yourself, love yourself and give thanks daily for the great life you have. When the glass is half full a smile will easily appear on your face. Leave the frowning for the Negative Nellys.”

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