Today is Awesome


Have you ever stopped to consider how awesome today is?

Take a piece of paper and write the word “TODAY” at the top and then ask yourself the following questions.

What Do I Like About Today?

  • I went for a walk this morning even though it was raining
  • I listened to an inspiring audio book on my walk and on the way to work
  • I had a couple of wonderful email exchanges with my friends
  • I had lovely conversation with my husband
  • I used the skinnier notch in my belt
  • I felt the power of group intention
  • I appreciated the beauty of nature
  • I loved  my breakfast (almond and honey bran flakes with milk and brown sugar)
  • I have a wonderful job to go to
  • I have a view of the harbour from my desk

Why Do I Love Today So Much?

  • It’s Friday and tomorrow is the weekend
  • It is summer and even though it’s raining it’s warm
  • I have a wonderful husband who loves me
  • My fingernails look amazing
  • I did an excellent poo
  • I saw the sun rise
  • I experienced unconditional love from Izzy (kitty)
  • I only have one meeting today
  • I can blog at work and no-one knows

What is Awesome About Today?

  • I am alive and full of joy
  • I had a good night sleep
  • I feel pretty in my outfit
  • Free yoga class at lunchtime
  • It is better than yesterday but not quite as good as tomorrow will be
  • I feel GOOD
  • I am blessed beyond measure
  • Hot chocolate
  • I can write whatever I want because we have freedom of speech
  • I know how to read and write because I was blessed to go to school
  • I have ears, eyes, nose, mouth, legs, arms, and organs that are fully functioning and healthy
  • I am learning new things every day
  • I am excited!

What is AWESOME about your day?

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