Lined Up Outside Your Door

If you’ve been or are overweight you know what you don’t want. If you have been lean through struggle and grim determination you know what you don’t want. What you do want is to be lean, strong and healthy as your natural state of being, without pain, without deprivation and without constant attention.

You have asked the Universe and your request has been answered. The body of your dreams is lined up ready and waiting for you on the other side of the door. It is hanging on a hook like a new party dress, just waiting for you to slip it on.

“If you could see an aerial view of your life experiences as we do, you would see all of these wonderful things that you’ve been asking for, lined up right outside your door, and if you just open the door a little bit, they begin to flood in.” — Abraham

But you doubt that it is there because you haven’t seen it yet. You have imagined it and day dreamed about it, but it almost seems to good to be true. How can you eat what you want, move in ways that you enjoy, and be grateful for the body you have now and still get the object of your desire? It doesn’t seem possible.

So you push against the door, you knock loudly or you turn your back and read another diet book and the door stays closed. The body of your dreams stays out of reach.

What you don’t know is that the door opens inwards, not outwards. You can’t change the outward things and expect the door to open. Pushing away from you will only make you exhausted and frustrated.

You have to pull the door towards you. You have to open up from the inside out. And you have to step back, out of the way.

Focus your thoughts on easy things, on pleasant things, on joyful things and open your heart to love and appreciation. And as you do, the door will easily swing towards you and on the other side you will have access to all that you have dreamed of and more.

→ photo : Kıvanç Niş

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