Congratulations, you’ve successfully published on the Kindle Store!

It is a proud moment in my writing career — I have just published my first Kindle book on Amazon. I even have my own author page — check out the URL >>

The Love Matrix e-book is available now for the Kindle for $0.99 USD. [I wanted to make it free but you’re not allowed unless you grant exclusivity and then it’s only free for five days every three months … suffice to say it’s complicated].

You’ll be thrilled to know I get $0.35 USD for every copy so I only need to sell sixteen billion four thousand a month to pay the rent! ha ha!

I’m having trouble with the cover compression so at the moment it looks like shit. It takes up to twelve hours for it to update so I hope it will be fixed soon.

If you’re wondering why there is no ‘look inside’ feature, apparently it takes a week before it kicks in. But you can still download a sample for free. See, I told you it was complicated.

There is no need to buy it when you can get the PDF for free right here, but I’m hoping that it might reach some people who don’t read my blog. And you can help.

The way Amazon works is that it recommends similar books to people when they buy a book. In order for this to happen, the recommended book needs lots of positive reviews.

This is where you come in.

If you’ve read The Love Matrix and enjoyed it, please head over to the Amazon page and leave a customer review.

{and you could put that little Amazon advert on your home page if you were feeling super generous}

Thank you so much to everyone who left their feedback in the previous post — the response has been overwhelming. Based on the survey, I’ve already started work on the next instalment that might end up looking like this ~

love the skin you're in

Let me know in the comments what parts of loving the skin you’re in you struggle with most and I’ll write about it for you.

Thank you so much — I’m having so much fun!!

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16 thoughts on “Congratulations, you’ve successfully published on the Kindle Store!

  1. I’ve left a review but mentioned your project and posted a link so I have a feeling it will get rejected!!! Ah well – we’ll see and I’ll try again if not x

  2. Lovin’ your work, baby. Congratulations! Next… playing the piano and singing in the street again?

    1. Thanks babe … playing the piano perhaps … but I never sang in the street, only in church and that’s not happening again any time soon!

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