The beauty of language


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‘I rarely reflect on the things in my life that I am grateful for, but instead dwell on imperfections.’ — brand new Love Ninja

This simple statement stood out from the words on the page and plunged straight into my heart.

Reflect … to be cast back as light.

Dwell … to live in as a permanent resident.

What if we turned that statement around?

I reflect and cast back as light my imperfections and dwell as a permanent resident in gratitude.

A light touch, sunshine skipping over the surface of the water … how I see my imperfections.

Solid and grounded, rooted into the earth like the roots of a tree … how I live in gratitude.

Language is so beautiful. Love Ninjas fucking rock!

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8 thoughts on “The beauty of language

  1. Interesting! I reflect negative body image and the disabling thoughts that I am not good enough or that I haven’t done enough, and I dwell in the warmth of my home, the love of my family and what I have acheived and enjoyed today, this beautiful day- now THAT is way more empowering x

  2. Good one Katie.. Love Ninja’s do indeed rock!!

    I reflect back the negativity with which some may view an eccentric bod such as myself and dwell on the fact that I understand that what is at my core and what drives me is love [even when it sometimes it appears absent – that paradoxical ly is when I find most to be grateful for] What others think matters not a jot in the whole scheme of things… it is what I THINK that has the power to strengthen or to break me… enable me to feel love..

    Luv the difference YOU are making to the world Katie. x

  3. Thank you katie.. what a pity I didn’t check my grammer… DUH!
    At least you ‘get’ what I meant… 🙂

    1. Don’t worry, I write the wrong thing all the time and I’m a writer. Lucky for me I have super web ninja skills and I can edit my comments here after I’ve written them. Shame it doesn’t work on Facebook though 😀

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