Imagine This [Again]

This post originally appeared in January 2010.


Imagine that it is long, long ago — way before technology, before Christianity and before men told us what to think and feel.

In this mythical time, you were born a woman, the most revered and respected gender on the planet. By the accident of your birth, you now hold the keys to power, riches, love and limitless joy because you are female. You possess the most revered powers – to physically procreate and spiritually regenerate.

You do not have to become like a man to be smart and taken seriously any more. You can be sexy and hot, intelligent and respected simply by claiming the power and glory of your sex.

You no longer struggle to be pretty enough or thin enough in order to be prized as lover or as a role model. The approval of men no longer matters because you possess something they will never have.

Your gift is female passion. You come from a line of pagan priestesses who initiated men into their manhood through sexual rites.

You are here to connect souls to each other and to the world around them.

Our beauty is a gift from god which we have a responsibility to care for as long as we can. You are a woman taking care of herself – both in body and in spirit – because it is your participation in the wonderful emotional, intellectual, spiritual and sexual female adventure.

You enchant men because you can set their hearts on fire. You lure them into a bewitching space where the alchemy of love can help deliver them to their greatness, and you to yours. And in that space, your nakedness exactly the way you are now could never be more intoxicating.

This isn’t a job that stops when you age, it’s a job you don’t even understand until you age.

Imagine living in this imaginary world. It makes me feel like it’s time to turn on all my magic full force. It’s time to define myself as a goddess and accept my unconditional and eternal status as beloved. And when I open my heart and live with passion without a need for anyone else’s approval, ironically the world cannot help but adore me.

(wildly adapted from The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife – Marianne Williamson)

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4 thoughts on “Imagine This [Again]

  1. This is the most empowering thing I have ever read. Thankyou Katie, for providing me with little, beautiful pieces, everyday, that help me to understand and love who I am x

  2. I got pretty emotional reading this. To me that means I can identify with the constraints I am putting on myself (the neediness for approval from males and my desire for them to think I am desirable, etc), even though I was sure I was better than all that. Turns out that I am playing that game too.

    Thank you for writing and sharing this.

    1. I wonder if we don’t all want approval and to be desired. I think the secret lies in trusting you are amazing, admired and desired even if you don’t always feel it. When you allow your true self to shine, those who are meant to will be drawn to the light. ♥

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