Want to date a policeman?

Facebook keeps asking me if I want to date a policeman.

Here’s what he looks like …

date a cop with alfoil

I might be more inclined if he wasn’t wearing an aluminium foil head band.

Not to be discouraged, the Facebook fairy decided I needed a different choice.

date a cop

I’m not sure if this one’s got any hair or if the photo has been cropped to conceal his al-foil hat.

Not being one to resist a challenge, I accidentally (cough) clicked the link.

No faithful, devoted, single policeman from my area here. Just some old people that resemble soap opera versions of someone’s parents.

old couple

Sexy coppers where are you?

Oh the treachery of the old bait and switch — suck me in with the promise of hot policemen and end up offering some old guy who’s clearly already got a girlfriend.

Lucky I’m already taken 😀

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16 thoughts on “Want to date a policeman?

  1. OMG…. PMSL…. just wiping the tears away here..
    Keep them coming Katie…
    Hi Vicky… nice to see you here 🙂

    ps…. if anyone knowws where the sexy coppers are please let me know… hmm… make that sexy anything…

  2. Thanks ladies — always happy to assist you though the minefield of on-line dating [whether you need it or not] — it’s a jungle out there!

  3. lmao…. i have stopped myself from clicking on that soooo many times lately.
    thanks for taking one for the team katie!
    i’ll save my ‘click’ for a couple of months time when it becomes “want to date a fireman”. x

    1. Mmmm firemen … (although I did date Fireman Steve a couple of times when I was single and he was a little odd but I’m sure he’s not indicative of the general fireman population!)

      1. have already been married to a steve (though not of the fireman variety) and that did not go so well 😉
        i’m pretty sure when it’s click on a fireman, they’ll still be using the same hot policeman photos.

  4. Katie, at least you get ads for sexy coppers. I’m reading “Menopause? Weight gain?” If I wasnt at work (where I shouldnt be FBing anyway) I’d scream “F off!!” I’m not menopausal and so what about my weight gain!!”

    Love that you clicked the link. I wouldnt dare for fear of an avalanche of similar ads and rubbish.


  5. Seriously! Your clicked on this, and U R taken? Come on miz Katie, how taken R U? Just sayin’ . . . maybe U R still lookin’. . . . just sayin’ once again.

    Luv ya unconditionally, no matter if U R still lookin’ or U R taken :))

    Lindy, Fan of Katie’s

  6. I might be missing the point here… but I’m STILL getting adverts for lingerie. Strewth, you cross-dress ONCE and no-one ever lets you live it down. I thought it was ok these days? Where are all the sexy policewomen?

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