Why the grass IS always greener on the other side of the fence

grass greener

It took a long time for me to leave my husband. Way longer than it should have.

Because I was afraid.

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” is not said to encourage you to leave what you have for what appears better — instead it warns you that whatever is out of your reach is always going to look better than what you have, but it will let you down.

I knew what I was losing. I was losing a marriage, a home, a cat, a predictable life and what was familiar.

I was leaving everything I had been for the last fifteen years.

And there was no guarantee that what the future held was any better.

To open up our hands to something new we have to let go of what we are holding on to tightly. When we contemplate loosening our grip we look closely at the situation or the person we are letting go.

It could be worse … it’s not that bad … perhaps if I tried harder I could make it work …

The fear of walking into the unknown convinces us this is as good as it gets or we should be grateful for small mercies.

The truth is that out in the unknown is where the miracles happen. You have no idea what you could gain.

What if the grass is greener after all?

What if that one step out the door will be the tipping point for a life of love, peace and joy you could never imagine?

Are you ready to risk it?

Of course it could all go horribly wrong and the green grass could turn out to be Astroturf, but from the stories I’ve heard leaving brings changes that transform us.

If you are deciding whether you should stay or go, then you should leave. If you were meant to stay then you wouldn’t be considering going in the first place.

Your desire for something better is your divine nature yearning for more. It’s telling you to let go so you can receive something better.

The future won’t be perfect, there will be heartbreak and pain along the way, but there will also be unbelievable happiness.

Leave, let go, move on.

Step into the unknown.

On the other side of the fence  …  it’s where magic happens.

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→ Tell me, have you ever been hesitant to leave something, but when you did, you discovered the grass was greener after all?


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8 thoughts on “Why the grass IS always greener on the other side of the fence

  1. yep, just recently decided I needed to focus on myself and what I want. I’ve left a Relationship that didn’t have the three elements. I’m going back to a place where I’m happy. The future seems happier brighter every second. I’m no longer worried about being alone. I know I’ve felt alone in a relationship that isn’t intimate. The grass is greener and things are coming my way…finally I love me, faults and all. Thank you katie, thank you.

    1. Hi Em … funny how being alone in a relationship is far more lonely than being alone by yourself. It’s wonderful news that you’re loving yourself. I’m so glad you’re happy ♥

  2. As you know my grass was definately greener and leaving an unhappy marriage was one of the best things I ever did. God knows where I’d be now if I had have stayed.

    The future wasn’t perfect, until now ;), there was more heartbreak and lots more pain but I never once felt the grass as Astroturf, I just needed to keep up the water :).

  3. I just left my husband last month. It was the same thing where I would think about leaving but convince myself that the right decision would be to stay. I worked so long and so hard at that relationship, that when it fell apart, I just walked out the door and refused to look back.

    Already everything is greener. I’m happier, less stressed and less depressed. I’m focusing on myself and making my health and happiness a priority. Sometimes I hit a rocky patch, but I have friends and family around to support me.

    My only regret is not leaving him sooner.

    1. Hi Kate
      It is amazing how many women say the same thing “My only regret is not leaving him sooner.” I feel like that too.
      I am so happy your world is looking greener, rocky patches and all xxx

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