Your special invitation to be a Love Ninja

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I guess you could call me a self-help junkie.

Mostly because I spent years thinking I wasn’t good enough.

Someone in my life told me I wasn’t a good person and I believed him.

So I tried even harder to be perfect.

If I had the perfect body maybe he would love me.

He didn’t.

I stopped dieting and walked the long road of eating disorder recovery pretty much on my own.

And just when I thought I was going to be OK, he committed suicide.

I’ve learnt a few things over the past five years.

I’ve devoured books, seminars, videos, workshops and courses.

I learned I’m not perfect but I don’t need to be.

I know about relationships — out in the world, at home, and in the bedroom.

So I created the Love Matrix Project to remind someone like you that you’re already good enough.

I know you’ve had pain, disappointment and failure.

I know that you want to be happy.

I know you have hope.

We already have a small community of women who are transforming their lives.

They’re Love Ninjas — loving others and loving themselves quietly, stealthily and with intention.

They’re doing it themselves.

I’m just shining a light on the path I’ve already travelled. I’m sharing with them the details of my journey that are too personal to reveal here.

I’d love for you to join us.

We are warriors, queens, lovers and goddesses.

There are lessons, missions, worksheets, a forum, live chats and unconditional support.

We talk about gratitude, values, boundaries, failure, friendship, purpose, being heard, feminine essence, sacred sex, finding & keeping a lover, unconditional love, anger, shame, guilt and authenticity.

There are four hours of one-on-one private coaching with me {Master Ninjas only}.

For six months access to the Love Matrix Project please click here.

Since starting the project, things have began to change in my life. First and foremost, I stopped drinking. Not immediately and not with a great fanfare. I just came to the realisation that I would be able to take part and show up in my life so much more easily without it. ~Vicky, Busy Working Mum, Cardiff

I’m longing for you to realise how awesome you really are.

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