I want it all and I want it NOW

Duckfish and I had emailed each other for a few days and we hadn’t arranged to meet. He told me that he liked to spend a few weeks getting to know someone via email and phone before he dated them.

“Fuck that!” I said. “I’m not wasting my time farting around for three weeks and then find out that we have no chemistry when we meet. You’re either up for a date or I’m out of here.”

We had our first date six days after first contact.

Instant Katie. That’s what he calls me. I want everything right now or not at all.

When I buy anything, if they have to order it in, I don’t want it. If the shoes aren’t in my size, I’m not waiting for them to come from another shop.

I’m always searching for the fastest way to get things done — batch processing in Photoshop, auto-complete in Word, and heavy weight/low reps in the gym. Taking time over things annoys me. In fact, people wasting time frustrates the fuck out of me.

I’m impatient. Things always take longer than I want them to. It’s a huge character flaw that has no remedy.

Time is so, so short. And every single day I have less time left. Waiting for things to happen “in their own time” drives me crazy. So much so, that I’m likely to abandon a project that requires time in favour of one that produces immediate results because I simply can’t wait any longer.

Obviously I’m a crap gardener. Hate fishing. Hang up the phone when I’m on hold.

I’m waiting for the momentum to kick in, I’m waiting for the big break, I’m waiting to know if the pieces will fall into place or if they never will. I have to wait and see …

And I don’t like it one bit.

How do you handle waiting?

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20 thoughts on “I want it all and I want it NOW

  1. I think there are moments when I’m impatient. I try to ask myself why I want it NOW. What does NOW mean to me. Is it covering up something else? But I do think there are times when you need things NOW!

  2. I’m not a big fan of waiting but I’m also working really hard as finding some calm and some moderation in my life. Sometimes waiting patiently is a part of that but it has to be worth the time I’m investing or stuff it I’m out of here! ~ Leanne

  3. I always advise my online dating friends to get to in-person as fast as possible. For all your same reasons. Agree wholeheartedly! I’m impatient, too, on all things.

    1. I got bitten once by falling in love with a fantasy about a guy rather than the guy himself. When we eventually met, it was such a disappointment.

  4. I don’t read directions or the first line in a newspaper article and cannot stand to be read to. I own a whole closet full of stuff that doesn’t fit or wasn’t what I thought it was. I don’t read reviews or recommendations so I suppose it is only natural. My life is all about “the bottom line AND me!” Great post!

  5. I have the patience of a gnat.
    I had my first date with TLW on 3/7, proposed on 4/28, and we were married on 10/1. SRSLY, I’m not patient.

    I am also a lousy patient, but then, I’m a guy.

    GR8 post!

    1. I’m trying to translate because we do dates differently in Oz — March, April, October — okay got it now. Good for you. Thanks for your comment.

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