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I am honoured to introduced you to seven of my gorgeous blog readers who are head ♥ heart ♥ health insiders. Please meet ~

Teala ~ Earth to Teala

TealaI’m Teala, a 26-year-old graduate student. I adore all things related to writing, books, and music. A while back I had a wakeup call. I thought I had my life figured out. I was content and comfortable with who I was and how I was. I had explored every single square inch of my cube (my comfort zone). So I’m working on busting out of my comfy cube.

I want and need to push myself, to acknowledge the fear and embrace the excitement. I’m on a mission to loosen up, try new things, and have some new adventures.

My two favorite posts: Oh the Places I Want to Go | Unformed Words and Sentences Floating Around as a Sea of Letter and Punctuation.

I can be found on Twitter: @TiLaMiLa

Petrea ~ Art Therapist

PetreaPetrea Hansen Adamidis R.C.A.T. is a Registered Art Therapist a mom, artist and an avid nature nut with over 18 years of experience working with children, families and adults. She is passionate about connecting families through the expressive arts, and connecting adults to their inner wisdom and muse. Join her at where she offers a free e-course “Free Your Inner Child” plus other creative resources to draw the self out.

Petrea is an engager in silliness extraordinaire and a therapeutic story weaver, who’ll take you on awesomely exciting yet relaxing adventures with her guided imagery meditations.

Her two favourite posts: I Am Here |  The Space Between the Jump

You can find her on Twitter and on Facebook.

Jen ~ Becoming a Danger Dame: A Muffin’s Guide to World Domination

JenI’m Jen, aspiring Danger Dame. I’m trying to break out of the mold of “normal” to live the best life I can. Not happy with my 9-5 “American Dream,” I’ll talk about what I’m doing to make my dreams reality, living adventurously, helping others, my struggle with Depression, loving yourself…pretty much anything is fair game!

I want to share what I learn along the way, and hear stories from you too, so please leave comments and let’s help each other!

My two favourite posts: Red Pill vs Blue Pill | But What if They Laugh at Me

You can find me on Twitter.

Kate ~ Katesome

KatesomeMy mission with this website is to create a soft place to fall for all women struggling and searching for self acceptance and body image issues. I am doing that for myself and rediscovering myself with each post.

I am spending the next year doing a daily journal on body image and self-esteem. I encourage others to reflect on their lives and feelings along with me.

I am raising two girls, trying to give them a role model that counters the diet, body, beauty, conformity obsessed anti-girl world we live in. 😀

My favourite posts: Day Four Body Image | Day Three Self

You can find me on Twitter and on Pinterest.

My favourite images on Pinterest:

Sara ~ Soul Spackle: Meditations from the Church of the Holy Wow

SaraI’m a thirty-something truth warrior, word slinger and barefoot-dancing mystic. My blog Soul Spackle: Meditations from the Church of the Holy Wow is where I write about my journey toward celebrating the sacred in the every day, embracing life’s messy-ness, recognizing that soulfulness can’t be penciled in on a calendar and doesn’t show up in tidy little rows of new-growth, neatly labeled.

Soul is hiding amongst the spilt milk and love lost, between glorious sunrises and sunsets.

My favourite posts: Harvesting Surrender | A Heart That Hurts Is A Heart That Works

Twitter: @Soulspackle | Facebook: Soul Spackle | Pinterest: Soulspackle.

Sue ~ Smile Chickie

SueI started ‘smile chickie’ 12 months ago. It is an online community for real chicks. We are bullshit free and have no time to bitch or whinge. We are uniting and taking a stand. To ditch the toxic and together find ways to live, learn and smile more.

The chick chat blog is a place for me to get stuff off my chest, reassess what’s important, share my little bursts of inspiration, wonder out loud and over analyse the crap out of things.

My favourite posts: I Wrote a Book | Chickie Pity Party Alert

You can find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Tanja ~ The Crystal Clarity Copywriting Journey

TanyaTanja Gardner is a copywriter, word weaver and story sculptor at Crystal Clarity Copywriting Ltd.   She helps difference-makers like you write with concise, creative clarity that your readers intuitively “get”.  That means they understand EXACTLY what you offer – which opens the way for you to make a difference in their lives.

Her favourite posts: How to make your webpage easy to read onscreen | Step 1 – Create a “writing mindstate” with simple ritual.

You can find her on TwitterFacebook and Google+.

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