The Three Headed Monster That is Keeping You Fat

three headed

The monster that holds us back from getting and keeping the body of our dreams has three heads. He was created when you were only a child and his influence continues through your adult years. The reason he continues to plague you is because you are so used to him that you barely even notice he’s there.

The Three Headed Monster has your best intentions at heart. He is giving you what you sincerely and honestly need. He gives you safety, stamina and security. You probably need one far more than the rest, but they all pop up at various times.


You may have been felt sexually threatened or sexually molested when you were a child and holding on to body fat gives you a feeling of safety. If you bury your sexuality by making yourself feel unattractive, then you are safe. The leaner you get, the more vulnerable you feel.

You may have also suffered a physical attack or physical abuse and your weight makes you feel solid and invisible. There are many stories of women who become much more frightened of dark places and crowded streets when they weigh less and are physically smaller. Feeling unsafe is a good reason to regain any weight you’ve lost.


Childhood sickness is normally associated with losing your appetite so recovery is celebrated when you start eating again and gaining any weight you have lost. You may know people who have lost weight because they were seriously ill.

There are also cultural conventions that declare leanness as a symptom of an eating disorder. If you fear that people ‘worry’ about you if you are leaner than your friends and family and you associate thinness with sickness then you are likely to struggle with weight loss.


If your mother left you a wonderful dessert when she had to go out to work, or your father brought home chocolates after his frequent trips away then it is likely that food make you feel comforted and cared for. Every time you feel lonely, overwhelmed or sad you will most likely turn to food to fill the emptiness inside.

When you lose weight through restricting your food, you live in an almost constant state of emptiness. If you are also feeling unsafe and unwell, you are left with the urgent need to fill yourself up with food. It gets to a point where you can’t even contemplate living without your favourite goodies because the black yawning cave inside you feels like it will never be filled.

Kill the Beast?

You don’t want to rid yourself of feeling safe, strong and secure — they are good feelings. You just want to find alternative ways to think about your beliefs.

♥ I am always safe because I look out for myself. I have the wisdom and experience to be able to handle myself in any situation I find myself in. I will no longer reflect on the possibility that something bad will happen to me because I how I look or because of my past, but I will put my attention on the wonderful blessing that I have in my life.

♥ I am gloriously healthy and vibrant. My body continues to function at its optimal level in this present moment and will be even more healthy when I am in peak physical condition. The joy and love flowing out of me will highlight to others my endless energy and how I take great care of myself.

♥ I am filled with love, light, and peace. My soul is full with the infinite goodness of the Universe. Whether I am alone or in company, sad or happy, overwhelmed or at peace, I have everything within me that I need to be complete. When I connect to my Source, there is an endless supply of comfort and security.

Did You Know

  • The emotional reasons for weight gain and retention falls into three groups. Approximately one third of patients had a history of sexual trauma; one third had a serious illness, hospitalization or crisis in which parents feared their child would die; and one third had an experience of feeling empty of left alone, and food became the emotional comfort used through life. ~ The Self Hypnosis Diet

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