Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones But Words Will Never Hurt Me

perfect body mindmap

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Be Careful What You Say

Words are the most powerful tools in the universe. Whether you are aware of it or not, the words you use out loud and in your head have extraordinary power. When you use words repeatedly in your affirmations and when setting your intentions, it is important to stop and consider how you define those words.

I am Lean, Fit and Healthy

I have been in the past what could be considered lean, fit and unhealthy and I have been overweight (for me), fit and healthy. I have never managed to combine all three. And there have also been things about being lean and fit that I didn’t like which I would rather not have in my new life. So I need to be clear about what lean, fit and healthy means to me.

Leanness ≠ Chicken Arms

I don’t want to be skinny. I don’t want bones protruding from my chest while my legs are still carrying fat. I don’t want wrinkly, elephant skin. I don’t want chicken arms and I don’t want to look like an adolescent boy.

My new version of leanness = 57kg, size 8, upper body and lower body equal in body fat distribution, with boobs and a waist and with the right sized skin.

Fit ≠ Over Training

I don’t want to be exhausted all the time from spending hours in the gym. I don’t want to run a marathon or lift heavy shit. I don’t want to be in constant pain from DOMS.

My new version of fit = improving my strength and flexibility in yoga, taking daily walks, keeping the muscles I already have, pain free and feeling energetic and alive.

Healthy + Lean + Fit

In the past, healthy has not been possible with lean and fit. In the new perfect body I have been given, lean, fit and healthy can all live happily together.

When I am healthy I never get sick or injured, my nails, hair, and skin are in the best condition, I enjoy uninterrupted sleep, I don’t experience temperature extremes and I have a happy stomach and normal bathroom events.

How the Words Might be Holding You Back

To equate lean with chicken arms, fit with over training and believing that being lean and fit excludes being healthy means that my affirmation makes me feel bad at my core level. I don’t really want what I’m saying because it sounds like hell. When I re-define the words and update my beliefs then the affirmation makes me feel excited and eager for it to manifest.

It is not enough just to think about it ~ you need to write it down so you can get the old associations out of your head and onto paper and then create new ones. What is your dream in three words? And what do those words actually mean?

Did You Know

  • The human brain is very different from a computer. Whereas a computer works in a linear fashion, the brain works associatively as well as linearly – comparing, integrating and synthesizing as it goes. Association plays a dominant role in nearly every mental function, and words themselves are no exception. Every single word, and idea has numerous links attaching it to other ideas and concepts. ~ Mind Maps

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