The Head•Heart•Health Manifesto

I believe love changes everything.

I believe intimacy is the doorway to heaven.

I believe loving others transforms our lives.

I believe looking outward is better than looking inward.

I believe giving brings the most joy.

I believe soul-mates will find each other.

I believe life is full of magic and miracles.


I believe the world needs more love, more joy, more peace, more compassion and more understanding.

I believe the world needs more feminine energy, more sex, more orgasms and more touch.

I believe the world needs more ideas and more excitement.

I believe the world needs more truth.


I know you are searching.

I know you already have everything you need and can find your own way.

I know you need to be seen, heard and known.

I know you believe in the good, have a pure heart and long for deeper connections.

I know you have been shut down, feel out-of-place and feel like you don’t belong in a masculine world.


I don’t believe in marriage, in guarantees or in forever.

I don’t believe we’re meant to struggle on our own.

I don’t believe emotions should always be controlled.

I don’t believe we need fixing.

I don’t believe we always need to feel good.


I know one word can make a difference.

I know life changes in an instant.

I know great risk brings great reward.

I know vulnerable doesn’t mean weak.

I know you are worth it.

And so am I.


What do you believe?

{based on an exercise by Tara Gentile}

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Embracing my midlife sexy while exploring modern love & relationships • Devoted to all things beautiful • Master of Arts in creative writing & non-fiction writing

8 thoughts on “The Head•Heart•Health Manifesto

  1. I believe in compassion. Everyone has their challenges. 🙂 I have to remember that when my neighbour cranks up his heavy metal and gets drunk alone….

  2. It is so refreshing to meet someone like you. You give so freely and have brought such joy to my life. In turn, I am encouraged to pay it forward. I love your manifesto because they are not merely words to you. You put action to those beliefs. That, my friend, makes you a very special person.

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