We’re all like you

let her not worryYou are the person who bears the same burden of life as everyone else. Perhaps you think there is something wrong with you because everyone else seems to be so much more together than you are, but we’re all sharing the same secrets.

We’ve all been bruised, abused, disappointed, betrayed, wounded and hurt. It’s what life’s all about. No one escapes the darkness and lives only in the light.

Know that you are strong because you have survived this far. Know that you are doing everything that anyone in your situation could be expected to do. Know that wanting peace, love and joy affirms you are heading in the right direction.

You are love already. You don’t have to create it or increase it or work hard to give it and receive it. Love is something that flows through you. Always. Sometimes things get in the way of the flow but like a river, the water will find a way around the obstacle in its path.

~ from the Love Matrix : a new pathway to self-love.

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