Leave a comment without leaving Google Reader

I made a joyous discovery today which I thought I’d pass on to you.

I read everything in Google Reader and sometimes I don’t comment because I’m too lazy to click through to the actual post (very unbloggery of me I know but I’m being truthful).

Today the lovely Katy Widrick let me know there is an extension for the Chrome browser that lets you see both full content and all the live links right inside your reader. It’s called Super Full Feeds for Google Reader. (Sorry there isn’t one for Firefox or IE)

Once you install it, you can hit the “LINK” tab in your browser and see the post as it appears on the webpage.

This is what one of my posts looks like before in just the Reader ~

Feed before
And here is how it looks when I click on the “LINK” tab ~

Feed after 1

The best part is I can see all the comments and enter a comment myself ~

Feed after 2

No longer will I miss out on embedded videos, MP3s or forms that don’t show up in my Reader. And now I have no excuse not to comment.

Do you think that’s cool or am I just being nerdy??

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