An interesting conversation

Meditation“I did what you recommended,” she said. “I listened to a guided meditation on gratitude while I lay in bed the other morning but my thoughts kept distracting me. Then the kids came into the bedroom half way through and interrupted. I’m not any good at it, I didn’t do it right.”

“What happened next?” I asked.

“When I went downstairs the kids had turned the lounge room into a fort. There were pillows everywhere. But I thought – they’re just kids – and I let them play for another half an hour while I took a bath. I did think how grateful I am to be blessed with three wonderful children.

When the time came to tidy up, they all got in and helped. It was fantastic not to have to yell at them for a change. I really enjoyed my morning with them.”

“Mmmm,” I said smiling, “Obviously not doing the meditation perfectly meant it made no difference to your day at all …”

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  1. I believe that meditation must not be forced on self. One must seek give minutes everyday to retrospect, to sit in silence. Coerced meditation does not give any results. Liked the way you expressed the idea.

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