Mindfulness Exercises • Free MP3 Downloads

mindfulness exercises free mp3 downloads

Awareness Exercise (15 minutes)

Often the constant stream of mental activity draws us in, and we become thoroughly caught in it. Sometimes this is so thorough that we can become insensitive to our own moment-to-moment experience. The following mindfulness meditation allows us to practice observing the stream of mental activity without doing anything about it.

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Leaves on the Stream (13 minutes)

The Leaves on the Stream mindfulness meditation will shift your focus from looking from your thoughts to looking at your thoughts. You don’t need to change your thoughts in any way. The thoughts will just come and go naturally.

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The Body Scan (13 minutes)

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The Tin Can Monster (7 minutes)

This exercise will help you give up the struggle with emotional discomfort and disturbing thoughts by disassembling them. It is designed to give you the experience of the natural ebb and flow of willingness.

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The Observer (25 minutes)

This exercise will allow you to experience a place where we are not our programming, our conditioning, our thoughts, our sensations or our memories.

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Eating Mindfully (8 minutes)

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The Monster in the Mirror (for fun)

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  1. Studies show that mindfulness can be an effective tool to
    help lower stress and anxiety. Some people who learn how to practice mindfulness become less
    anxious, more energized and experience fewer symptoms of stress.
    Mindfulness helps improve a person’s ability to focus, and become
    more engaged in their job.

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