35 Days to a Spontaneous Life

I work in the government sector at a big fat iconic public building where I am affectionately known as the Head of all Things. I have been in this job for 7 years and have been working in a full time job non-stop, except for a couple of weeks off a year, for the past 27 years.

I have never had a baby, been between jobs, or sick since I was 18. I have been chasing achievement and career success constantly my whole life.

In 35 days, I will no longer have to work 50 hours a week for someone else. I will have six months without a day job to swim, walk, practice yoga, relax, read, write, blog, photograph, travel, learn and explore. I have absolutely no plans, I will be living a spontaneous life.

Is It Possible to Never Go Back?

My dream is to never have to return to the corporate rat race. I will use these six months to discover my natural talent and learn how to generate income from just being me. I have no idea of how, but I do have a clear picture of what and why.

My wonderful evolved future Katie will not only be lean, fit and strong, effortlessly and easily, she will also be helping you who look perfect on the outside but are dying on the inside to find the doorway to self love, peace and unbelievable happiness. She will be the change she longs to see in the world.

Today is Fucking Amazing and Tomorrow Will Be Even Better

“Miracles happen every single day, and all of them come via a connection with another human being. The minute I vowed to open my heart to everyone I meet, opportunities, blessings and gifts have flooded into my life.”

I am so excited to know that no matter how miraculous, beautiful and magical this moment is, the future will be even better. And the best part is that I don’t need to worry, or struggle and strive to make it happen.

Miracles happen every single day, and all of them come via a connection with another human being. The minute I vowed to open my heart to everyone I meet, opportunities, blessings and gifts have flooded into my life.

I have taken all the energy, focus, and drive I had on reaching and staying at a number on the scales and redirected it outward. It is so surprising what lies beyond my small (diet obsessed) world when I simply open my heart to all experiences. It is even more surprising to discover that life can be an exciting amazing adventure beyond anything I have imagined before.

Did You Know [off topic]

Mr Katie sort of summed up my progress as only a unemotional male can …

Mr K: I love cooking for you now because you eat whatever I make and I can make extra without getting in trouble.

K: Why did you get in trouble for making extra before?

Mr K: Because you used to eat it all until it was gone and blame me for cooking too much. Now you always take the left overs for lunch the next day so you get to enjoy my cooking for you twice as much.

K: ♥

It frightens me beyond words that at one point I used to consider that he was ‘bad’ for me because he was a food pusher and a weight loss saboteur [you might remember the raisin toast episode]. I am so glad that I kept him around ~ he had nothing to do with my inability to stop bingeing, it was all ME.

PS: If you want me to ghost write your autobiography, write your personal development e-book or guest post on your blog, please get in touch. I’m not a total novice, the Universe has already sent two top secret professional writing projects my way and I’m an old hand at writing procedure manuals for event logistics and business cases 🙂

→ photo : Daquella manera

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16 thoughts on “35 Days to a Spontaneous Life

  1. Katie-
    I got soooo excited reading this post. It sums up exactly a bunch of feelings I’ve been having lately, discussions husband and I had last night about work/career and what it’s place should be in our lives. I just loved your thoughts today!!!!

  2. Love Mr Katie.

    No need to know the “how to”. The Universe will deliever the “what” if you believe.

    And she already IS the change she wishes to see in the world.

  3. My hubby & I have done just that. We have given up the rat race and corporate jobs and we are heading to the coast in January to our dream country acres and building a house. We hope to live a simple happy life and giving our kids the freedom of a rural lifestyle. It is a wonderful feeling. I wish you all the very best for your 6 months of freedom.

  4. John & I have also given up the rat race…John was a lawyer when we met-had his own firm (in the states). Due to some health issues-he bagged it all-and eventually we moved to Aus-we have been doing a bit of this and that to keep ourselves busy (tourism ventures and now the PT studio)-and neither of us could ever imagine doing 9-5 again.
    I think you will enjoy your freedom! Have fun with it!

  5. Katie

    You go girl. This is a wonderful, big, decision you are making/taking here. I chose to do this 6 years ago following the passing of my husband. It’s not easy, I’m not going to kid you. It’s a road of discipline, and it has highs and lows. Sounds like training doesn’t it?

    But yes, I have more peace in my life, and THAT was what I was seeking when I lost my husband. Some peace from not chasing the corporate job, answering only to me (and the trainer), no commuting daily grind, and being able to make choices in my day.

    So, now, for me, it’s tweaking the direction, re-energising the flow, and moving to the next chapter. This one is written, the door is about to close.

    Stay in your heart, don’t wear it. Katie, thank you for your honesty and openness. I’m not walking alone anymore. You helped me embrace that.

    If I can help in anyway, you holler girl, I will be there.

    Dare to be remarkable!

  6. So excited for you. I remember the raisin toast and the Diet Coke (I was hanging on the wire edge that you’d survive your DC withdrawals…lol. Now I bet you hardly touch the stuff!

    1. You could say it was all your fault 😉 … but it wasn’t, it was completely my choice and I wouldn’t swap it for the world. I do still indulge in the DC but without the same desperation as before.

  7. Oh shit I just read the raison toast episode and realised that I was the one that caused those horrible DOMS!! We can laugh about it now though.

    1. Nah, it was me trying to be good enough as usual and pushing my body beyond it’s capabilities because I didn’t want to look like a pussy 🙂

      These days I’d spot you and then go do a yoga class instead. As with Liz … I wouldn’t swap any of those days for the world. What we did was something special and has been the doorway that has brought us to the place we are now. ♥

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