Inner Voice Ink : Step #6 ~ Close

Inner | Voice | Ink is a 6+3 step writing practice that combines meditation + writing therapy + NLP + creative writing techniques. It connects you with your inner voice, re-writes your past, creates your future and improves your writing technique.

The purpose of the final step is to signal to your conscious and your unconscious mind that the memories and emotions you have stirred up during the writing process can now rest again.

Save your work or close your notebook, blow out the candle and repeat the affirmation of gratitude and love.

I thank the divine energy of the Universe and my higher self for meeting me here today and by closing this notebook and blowing out this candle I let go of all the negative emotions that may have come up.

I breathe in the love of the Universe, I connect with my divine nature and I go in peace.

This ritual signifies the end of the practice and allows for a smooth transition from the work back into your normal day.

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The Video

I’ve created a real-time walk through of this process on video. It takes you through all the steps one at a time and gives you a safe place to write. Click here to join the Insiders’ List and get access to the free video.

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