The Goddess

(1) femininity
(2) goddess denied
(5) history glorifies the masculine need
(10) yearning for the angles and the sharp punctuation of bones
(20) ignoring a woman’s beauty in the curve of a hip, the softness of a breast, and thighs that gently meet
(50) we are mother nature, mother earth, the creator of life and yet we condone the subjugation of our gender by starving our bodies into tributes to maleness. how disturbing that our role models have drugged away their birthright to become a strange imitation of the opposite sex.
we must stop.

inspired by one-two-fiver

  • One Two Fiver is a tool to help you sit down and write. Think of it as a series of stretches for warming up your writing muscles. Start with a single word. Type it like you mean it. Now write two words. Move on to five… Keep typing until you are writing.

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