The Seven Faces of Yesterday

I am in the business of show business and yesterday was the annual grand final of a popular television show at the Wh1t3 S@1ls Asylum. I have worked on this event for every one of the last seven years.

Working on major events that require you to be on your feet for over 12 hours outside at the mercy of the weather is challenging and yesterday it was 38 degrees celcius.

On Again Off Again

I have had this yo-yo cycle which translates to about 8 months on diet and 4 months off. The 8 months covers spring to mid winter and then I give up until spring rolls around again. So for five of the last seven years, from 2005 to 2009, I have been monitoring what I eat.

This high anxiety day has seen me end up in a binge (2005), eating very low carb (2006), on a Body for Life free day (2007), and a low calorie low carb diet (2008). I have been completely preoccupied with how to eat enough to get through the day without blowing my diet.

Yesterday Was Completely Different

  • 7-00am I went for an hour long walk
  • 8.30am breakfast ~ oats, banana, peanut butter and yoghurt
  • 1.00pm lunch ~ cereal and yogurt, two slices of toast with peanut butter
  • 8.00pm dinner ~ sausage in a bread roll
  • 11.30pm supper ~ chicken and salad (left half of it)

It might not sound very impressive to someone else, but for me it was the first time I have made it through this mega day without even worrying about food. I knew that I would get something when I needed it, so I mostly forgot about it. I was also particularly calm and relaxed. This is miraculous progress and makes me confident that I am truly the master of my destiny and finally starting to reap the benefits of the seeds I have sown.

Did you see me on the telly? I was the one with the flouro vest and the two way radio 😀

→ photo : Jiaren Lau

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