Today I’m Naturally Slender

Being naturally slender isn’t about a number on the scale or the tag in your clothes, it is about thinking and behaving like a naturally slender person would. If I can be naturally slender for longer stretches of time then eventually my outside appearance will match my insides.


I thought I would document today so that I can remember why it was such a good day and make note of what I did that was (as I say in all my debriefs) “Best Practice”.

When I got up at 5am this morning I had a cup of hot chocolate and wrote my blog post. When that was finished, I headed out the door for my morning walk with iPod and without shoes.

This morning was warm and balmy and I was flooded with feelings of happiness. I “banked” these great feelings by anchoring them as I was experiencing them.

This morning I had pancakes for breakfast with egg, banana, ricotta cheese, almond butter and ice-cream. I gave thanks and ate slowly.

While I was eating breakfast I wrote the following thoughts and affirmations in my journal

  • Today I am taking great care of myself and live a healthy life
  • I am keeping my hunger diary just for today
  • I am making choices by considering what my wonderful evolved self would do
  • I open up my heart and give it wings
  • I change the molecular structure of my food so that it nourishes, satisfies and nutures my body
  • my past performance does not determine my future behaviour
  • practice, persistence and patience
  • (inhale) let (exhale) go
  • healing can occur in an instant
  • it is easy and natural to be lean, fit and healthy
  • I am grateful for my past weight loss struggle
  • I am feeling positive, empowered and relaxed in every situation that arise

I wore new clothes today that were feminine and loose (a purple swing top with black pants), I handed out some chocolates to my co-workers that had been causing me grief and I took painkillers for my period pain (I usually resort to food to numb my physical pain). I indulged in an hour of yoga at lunch time when the old me would have kept working.

I am home on a Friday night drinking a glass of wine and waiting for my roast vegetables to cook. I am feeling like a naturally slender person ~ calm, peaceful and happy.

Not every day is like this, but the journey is gradually becoming more of the smooth paths and less of the bumpy bits.

It’s got nothing to do with being a perfect, goody-goody, selfless, sacrificing, spiritual saint, Katie. Blah! That whole characterization was meant for a different audience at a different time, and they really had issues.

It’s got everything to do with being yourself, trusting the magic, following your heart, dreaming big, and having fun.

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