What Sucks About Being Thin?

Q: What Sucks About Being Thin/Lean/Skinny and having your ideal body?

I can hear you, you know, you just said “absolutely nothing” or words to that effect didn’t you?

Unfortunately, I don’t believe you. Because if that were true, you would be exactly the weight you wanted to be right now.

What is Crappy About Being Thin?

If you’ve reached your goal weight in the past, what was the part of that experience that you didn’t really like?

Did you feel

  • puny and weak?
  • tired and hungry?
  • anxious that you would regain all the weight?

Did your body

  • still have cellulite, loose skin, and fat pockets?
  • look skinny on top and heavy on the body?
  • look like a boy?

Did you believe

  • that it would take constant vigilance to maintain your weight loss?
  • that you were unhealthy?
  • that you would always see yourself as a fat chick?

It is no wonder that part of you finds the thought of being thin not so appealing.

It is Time to Create a New Body of your Dreams

Imagine how it would feel to be lean and strong, full of energy, easily satisfied with light healthy meals, confident that you would never regain weight, perfectly proportioned with smooth youthful skin and a feminine shape, effortlessly staying lean and fit, being disgustingly healthy and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are living in the body you were created to inhabit?

Even if you don’t quite believe it is possible, just pretend for a moment. Does that sound like a wonderful improvement on your past experience? Would it be worth giving it a shot?

Spend some time experiencing how you might feel, move, think and behave in your ideal body and dare to dream. After all, if you can’t pull it off, you are no worse off than you are now ~ and if your thoughts end up becoming things, then you’ve created a miracle.

Did you know

  • The mind/body cannot distinguish the difference between what is real and what is not real. In other words, it cannot tell the difference between the holograms the brain uses to experience reality and the ones it uses while imagining reality. Both have an awesome effect on the human body. It is so powerful that it can modulate the immune system, heal wounds quickly, melt tumors, override our genetic programming and reshape our bodies. And the great news is that every one of us possesses the ability to influence our health and re-shape our physical form! ~ Imagine a Thinner You

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