It’s Just Food for Fuck’s Sake

it's just food • for fuck's sake
II don’t care what you eat ~ organic vegan or fast food it makes no difference to me, it’s your choice. It’s just food, partly fuel and partly pleasure and it doesn’t deserve the attention we give it. Whatever you choose to put in your mouth (ahem) is entirely up to you.

If you can put your hand on your heart and say that you eat what your mind, body and spirit truly wants to eat then congratulations, you are doing great.

There is No BAD Food

Food doesn’t have magical powers. Unless you have a full blown medically diagnosed allergy to something (nuts, gluten etc) then you can eat anything you want. Processed or natural, cooked or raw, manufactured or grown in the back garden makes no difference if you are paying attention to your inner voice. There is no bad food.

Some of your food choices may not always be the healthiest choice but so what? You can eat sugar and experience a blood sugar spike and crash, you can eat a plate full of salad and be hungry an hour later, and you can eat salt and retain water like a sponge but you won’t fall over, die or be temporarily unloveable. You will just be having the experience of how food makes your body react and the effects will be gone as quickly as they came.

You Always Have the Power to Choose

Discomfort, indulgence, being a bit too full or holding water from a salty meal doesn’t mean anything. It is just a consequence of your choices. It is the same as dancing the night away and being exhausted at work the next day. Feeling crappy is a result of your choices and sometimes it’s OK to consciously decide to pay the price.

Do whatever makes you feel in love with life itself, whether it’s good for you or not. Stay up all night making love, eat dairy milk chocolate, get a bit sunburnt while playing outside with the kids, squeeze your pimples ~ you can take it! You live in a body that is far more resilient than you imagine.

Find You Own Bliss

If sticking to a diet makes you truly alive, excited and driven to squeeze every moment of joy out of each day then of course you can choose to do it. If rules and a schedule make you feel safe and in control then go right ahead. All I want is for you to be overflowing with happiness no matter what life throws at you.

But if your world is filled with shouldn’t, can’t, and not allowed and it’s causing you pain and suffering then you need to find another way to live. If every time you think you’ve finally got what you wanted it slips out of your hands then it’s time to think about things in a different way.

There is more to life than contemplating your next meal. There are adventures, mysteries, and miracles beyond imagination if you take your eyes off your plate for just a moment. It’s just food, for fuck’s sake.

Disclaimer : Too much of anything, good or bad, is not taking great care of yourself.

Take the quiz …

  • Do you wish that occasionally you could just eat, and not think about whether it’s good for you?
  • Has your diet made you socially isolated?
  • Is it impossible to imagine going through a whole day without paying attention to your diet, and just living and loving?
  • Does it sound beyond your ability to eat a meal prepared with love by your mother – one single meal – and not try to control what she serves you?
  • Do you have trouble remembering that love, and joy, and play and creativity are more important than food?
  • Have you gotten your weight so low that people think you may have anorexia?
  • If you recognize yourself in these questions, you might have orthorexia. ~ What is Orthorexia?

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