The Most Luxurious Birthday in the History of the Universe Ever

lilianfels[Duckfish hiding under the covers]

My surprise birthday present was a night in the Blue Mountains at Lilianfels – a five-star country mansion with glorious views.

We drove up on Saturday afternoon, checked out the comfort of the king size bed, and then had the most beautiful dinner at Darleys restaurant.

On Sunday, we went on an Abseiling adventure. Unfortunately, Duckfish booked us on the intermediate course instead of the beginners’ course which meant we spent the entire day being perched on the side of a mountain with a drop to certain death on either side or scaling sheer cliff faces of up to 60 metres.

Here is Duckfish’s facebook update:

Spent the day multi-pitch abseiling down the Malatia Walls in the Blue Mountains only to find out afterwards the the day requires you to be a confident abseiler where abseiling, canyoning, rockclimbing or caving experience was a definite advantage.

Quite possibly the most insane and psychologically traumatising activity I’ve ever done. Worse still, I got points… it was officially the worst birthday present in the history of the universe ever bought for my girlfriend.

But we survived. It goes to show what you can do when you stare down fear. Although we are battered and bruised it puts the fear of other things into perspective. When you are terrified of dying and you do it anyway, it makes being scared of other things look a bit lame or inconsequential.

Scared of people not liking me?
Scared of speaking in public?
Scared of making a mistake?
Scared of making the wrong choice?

Oh please … I’ve put my life in the hands of a guide, a piece of rope and a bolt embedded in a rock and I didn’t die. All that other stuff is nothing. If the worst happens, I won’t die and it will never scare me as much as yesterday did.

Fear — get fucked — I know what you look like and even at your worst I beat you down.

And that’s a pretty good birthday present if you ask me.

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13 thoughts on “The Most Luxurious Birthday in the History of the Universe Ever

  1. LAUGHING OUT LOUD and Jayden asked, “what are you laughing at Mum?”

    Fear – get fucked – I LOVE IT!

    Possibly the craziest thing I’ve done, in comparison, was a tandem skydive or worse still a bungy jump at Bali.

    Did you poo your pants? LOL

    I bet the sex made up for it though although he may owe you a few (hundred) more for that birthday present. WTF were you thinking FishDick? I mean DuckFish (fark I’m funny today – haha).

    What yummy food did you eat? Glass of vino?

    1. Don’t you mean Fuckdish???
      He had pheasant for starters and partridge for main and I had chicken and then wagyu beef. For dessert – he had warm pear pudding and I had bombe Alaska all with a beautiful Shiraz from South Australia.
      + I didn’t even cry at dinner which I always seem to do when we go to a restaurant!

  2. As I commented, be careful what you wish for…. and how good was it in the end!!! Sometimes I end up having this overwhelming fear, but then I think of walking up an active volcano, and getting around so many different countries, often by myself, I say pffft to fear. I haven’t had the “fuck you fear” moment yet, but i’m looking forward to it. Wagyu beef …. yum there is only one place here in Darwin to have it, the most espensive place in D. But I might think about it for my birthday in December. So glad you had a great day..

    1. It think it is Neale Donald Walsch who says that there is only one emotion – love – and fear is just another shade of love. We are afraid because we don’t want anything to hurt those we love or hurt ourselves because it will keep us from the people and experiences we love. When you look at it that way, then fear is an affirmation of the good things in our lives. If we didn’t love, we wouldn’t be afraid. So I guess we should welcome fear and like you said look forward to the “fuck you fear” moments because not only do they make us stronger but signal that our capacity to love has grown.

      Do the Wagyu for your birthday, you’re so worth it!

  3. haha! Beautiful place, but being able to say “Fuck Fear!”-Priceless! :-0

    Like they say, you never know how strong you are until your only choices are life and death..hehehe

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