Menopause IV : The Doctor Fucks Up

First-Signs-Of-MenopauseSo today I got the results of my blood test back from Thursday and my FSH is a whopping 50! Last Monday it was 10. So I am menopausal after all. The whole iron thing was a crock too — she says I must have “eaten something”.

Curious thing is that since I’ve stopped taking all the hippy herbs and supplements I’ve felt better. My sleep is interrupted less without all that shit in my system. So I am just going to trust my body that it can work itself out. After all, women have done this since the beginning of time so we have to know how to deal with it. It’s a natural process so if my body wants to sweat it out then I’m going to let it.

I’m doing menopause commando style!

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  1. Me too. I’m taking absolutely nothing for it and just letting my body adapt. There’s always something bloody wrong. My symptoms just seem to get lost in ‘life’ xxx

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