The only diet you’ll ever need : the Metabolism Mutant Makeover

sadly, I’ve tried it all …

I’ve been an intuitive eater for the past two years. I’ve followed the principles of eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, eat what you want and stay mindful. Eating this way has made me put on weight AND lose weight.

I’ve also spent five years on a diet. Sometimes eating less and moving more made me lose weight and sometimes it didn’t. Low carb worked and then it didn’t. Low fat worked and then it stopped working. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why the fat came off or didn’t.

how it is for me

I’ve come to the conclusion I’m not normal, and the rules of science don’t apply to me the way they do for everyone else.

I’m a metabolism mutant!

Excess fat on my body is a result of a huge range of things going on in my life. So I made a squiggly mind map in my notebook and then set about making a proper diagram. (I love making diagrams, is there a job where you can do that I wonder?)

the factors that contribute to weight gain/loss

psychology of weight

All of these factors in my life, have some influence on how I metabolize food and the outward manifestation of metabolism — how heavy or light I am.

Some things are behaviours – what I choose to eat, how I move my body, how I spend my cash, how I spend my day, how I relax and breathe, and how much I enjoy sex.

Some things are attitudes – how I think about myself, how angry I am because someone has hurt me, allowing myself to feel pleasure and how truthful I am in expressing myself.

Some things are who I am – how conscious I am of my decisions and boundaries, my relationship with god/source, how peaceful I am, how I am honouring my unique voice, and my relationships with my family, lover and friends.

In the end, I only lose weight and keep it off without worrying about it when I am joyful in all areas of my life. I don’t mean everything is always sunshine and roses, but I know I have the capacity to process any emotional state without the need to suppress and resist it. Joy is the ability to appreciate I am learning, growing and doing the right thing for ME right here and now.

debunking the simplistic approach

For too long weight loss has concentrated on only a small part of this complex web of interrelated areas. Going on a calorie controlled diet might work for you if all the other parts of your life are functioning and healthy. But if they aren’t then even Intuitive Eating and total self-love won’t make that extra weight budge.

Sometimes all it takes to lose weight is to forgive your mother. Sometimes all you need to do is let go off stress at work. Sometimes letting yourself cry and embrace the pain will melt away the fat. Sometimes giving up bread will do the trick. 

Every single one of us has something that will flick the switch. One simple action, thought or belief will transform our lives.

For me, I had to go through the whole gamut to uncover the last piece of the puzzle – I worked on my self-love, authenticity, my intimate relationship, and food preferences before I had the courage to quit my job. Once I decided to go back to University, the weight fell off and has stayed off. But I told you, I’m not normal, so hopefully you won’t have to do the total metabolism mutant makeover like I did.

But maybe there is something on the list you haven’t thought about or that you are pretending is OK when it isn’t? I guarantee that sorting out that issue will flick your weight loss switch.

buy my e-book and I’ll tell you the secret *joke*

The secret of the metabolism mutant makeover ~ find joy in ALL of your life.

Simple 😉

→ I’m interested to know what it was for you … what made your weight loss struggle melt away? What flicked the switch for you? Have I left something off the list?

→ If you’re not there yet, what is an area that might need your attention? What can you do to find joy where it’s missing?

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8 thoughts on “The only diet you’ll ever need : the Metabolism Mutant Makeover

  1. It is a good post Katie – if it was just about eating less and exercising more then nobody would have weight issues. Like how you covered all those intangible things which can’t often be directly measured. See, we do agree on some things…

    1. Please expand … right now I am thinking you mean that a physical illness or a genetic predisposition causes extra weight. I believe that all physical conditions are a result of how we think, feel and behave. Am I wrong?

  2. I ended a long relationship last year and suddenly I turned around and I had lost somewhere between 25 and 30 lbs. I am still not sure where it went or how it happened!
    I felt like I was stepping out of the dark…taking off the coat that had been covering up the real me.

    1. This is SO brilliant — our bodies are indeed a reflection of how we feel inside. Congratulations on finding joy in the light ♥

  3. Dude…sweet site you got right here. Tons of outstanding material as well as similar information!!!
    Do you have any publications dealing with eating disorder recovery?

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