The 3-2-1 of the Universe

airlie beach 01I believe that there is a collective force of energy and intelligence that I call the Universe and you can call god/spirit/higher consciousness. I see this power as an entity outside of me. (3 = third person)

I talk to the Universe. I thank it for my life, my love, the joy and the pain. I talk to trees, to the sky, to the black cat that suns itself on the pavement on my street, and to the cells of my body. I ask for help. I have a relationship with the Universe. (2 = second person)

I am the Universe. I am divine. I am a drop in the ocean of all of creation, neither separate nor disconnected from the whole. My edges are blurred into the edges of everyone else. I am the energy and the intelligence of the Universe. (1 = first person)

Some people stop at observing the Universe, some stop when they are in a relationship with god, and some people embody their higher consciousness in the first person and exclude all else. The Universe is You, Us and Me. All three aspects are important.

A trinity.

Like ice, water and steam.

I contemplate the Universe as all that is arising — the Great Perfection of this and every moment

I behold and commune with the Universe as an infinite Thou, who bestows all blessings and complete forgiveness on me, and before whom I offer infinite gratitude and devotion.

I rest in the Universe as my own Witness and primordial Self, the Big Mind that is one with all, and in this ever present and easy state, I go about my day. ~ Integral Life Practice

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