Embracing Otherness, Embracing Myself

This talk from Thandie Newton is amazing.

Please watch it if you can. Here are the take home messages.

  • Our self is a projection based on other people’s projections
  • The self likes to fit, to see itself replicated, to belong. That confirms its existance and its importance
  • Our self is a projection that our minds create to cheat ourselves from the reality of death
  • The self’s struggle for authenticity and definition will never end unless it is connected to its creator – you and me
  • When we lose ourselves we are earthed in our essence and our self is suspended
  • Oneness is our connection to the infinite and every other living thing
  • We need to stop living in our selves and mistaking it for life
  • Live in oneness
  • Honour the inevitable death of our selves, appreciate the privilege of life and marvel at what comes next
  • Simple awareness is where it begins

video link here

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