Photo Shoot Only $99 : Brisbane

Brisbane Mini Session


I’m coming to Brisbane in a couple of weeks [25-29 July 2011] and I would love to do a photo shoot with you.

For only $99 you get a half hour photo shoot at an agreed location (gym, outside, your home, etc.) and you get to choose six images from the shoot to keep for use in any way you see fit. They will be sent to you as high-resolution jpeg files (without manipulation). The remainder of the photos will be uploaded to an online private gallery that you have access to. From here you can order prints and cards as you desire  [example pricing here]. Additional jpegs and manipulation (black and white, cropping etc.) can also be purchased directly from me.

Thank you to Nicole and Shelley, my sexy models. Click the Buy Now button above or contact me if you would prefer to deposit directly into my account.

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2 thoughts on “Photo Shoot Only $99 : Brisbane

  1. Hi Katie. As a long time reader of your blog I see you’re now getting into photography and I totally love this! It’s such a beautiful means of joy! I’m a pro photographer based in WA, so whilst I’m not your direct competition (I don’t even shoot the same genre or target market you’re going for), I have to advocate for my fellow accredited pro photographers by asking you to consider us pros when you offer your services and products at considerably lower rates. I’m not trying to have a dig, but I’m passionate about the value of quality photography and would hate to see (or experience) a bottom out of my chosen profession. All the best with your new venture 🙂

    1. Thanks Kirstie for your advice which I will take on board. This is definitely “mates rates” for my very small readership (smaller than you might imagine) most of whom live in Brisbane. Should I turn into a wildly sought after photographer in the future, I will increase my prices in line with what other photographers charge. Thanks for letting me know your concerns.

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