Collective Intelligence

“Katie, I don’t know what to do. I have to get in touch with this guy in London but he’s not responding to my emails. If I don’t talk to him today, I won’t be able to organise his flight over in time,” said Sally.

“What time is it over there?” I asked.

“It’s about 11pm. He’s probably on his way home from a show right now.”

“Let’s see if we can get him to call you by both of us focussing our thoughts on him right now,” I said.

Ten minutes later the phone rang. It was him calling from London.

That is an example of what’s known as Katie Magic around here. Every day small miracles happen just because I mentally/energetically focus on an outcome I desire. It happens when I think about calling Duckfish and he calls me before I’ve had a chance to pick up my phone. It happens when we need to park the car right outside the house because we have groceries to unpack. It happens when eBay has exactly what I’m looking for or the library has a copy of a book that keeps cropping up in every article I read on the internet.

pancake iceI have always believed that there is collective energy in the world. I can feel it when I’m near the water, I can feel it in the stillness of twilight, and I can feel it inside a church. This energy is like an emotional state, a feeling, and a presence of something beyond just my separate human experience. It is a tangible connection to life itself. It’s like everything organic is an icicle floating in a cold sea. We are all made of the same material, but beyond what we experience as physical, there is an invisible world that we are formed from and are part of, holding us all together.

There is also a collective intelligence. It is what causes birds to fly in formation, fish to swim in schools, butterflies to find their mates, and rats to navigate a maze even when almost all their brains have been removed by scientists.

When Edmund Hilary climbed Mt Everest he opened the door for everyone to climb the mountain. His experience allowed others to do what had never been done before. When Roger Bannister ran the 4 minute mile, his ability to do the impossible made it possible for the rest of us.

When someone reaches and maintains their ideal body weight without dieting, it means that knowledge in out in the Universe ready for us to share. When a wife finds happiness after the death of her husband, she makes it possible for all those who follow her. When one of us no longer binges, then all of us can follow the path to freedom from the clutches of binge behaviour. When someone’s tumour disappears, then we have the blueprint for health available to us. When you speak your truth without fear, then it makes it easier for me to do it too.

If I want to listen to a radio show, then I have to tune in to it and be in alignment with the signal. The frequency is there all the time, but I can’t hear it unless I am tuned in and focused on the channel.

The collective intelligence of all living creatures is all around you. But you won’t hear it unless you tune in. How do you get in alignment with the information that you need?

~ still your mind and follow your heart

~ vividly imagine what you want

~ actively shape your perceptions, beliefs and intentions

~ take notice of intuition, coincidences and small miracles

~ be grateful

~ be vulnerable and take risks.

Learn from those who have gone before AND be a trail blazer by finding a way to do the impossible. Deposit and withdraw from the vast resources of collective intelligence that is all around us.

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