The Filmmaker’s Dilemma

suicide widow

So I’ve made this film. It is a seven minute documentary called Suicide Widow. The question now is what to do with it.

I am thinking that I should create another blog called Suicide Widows and make it interactive so other women can upload their own projects to the site but maybe that is too narrow a focus. I have ideas for other short films that don’t fit this subject – on eating disorders, competing, my mid-life crisis – so perhaps I should make it a site for Australian women amateur filmmakers instead.

Or should I just hang on to my film and enter it in all the short film festivals/competitions and try to make some money out of it? (I can’t do both – most competitions require that the film is unpublished on any other format.)

I don’t know. I’m not driven by money. The process, the message, the creation of a work of art is more important to me than commercial success. I also like the idea of the accessibility of the web. How many people go to film festivals anyway?

I loved making the film so much, that I would love to do it as a career, but can one be successful without a reputation on the film circuit?

These are hard questions … does anyone have any idea or thoughts that might help?

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