100 Day Challenge ~ The Final Check-In

Skinny Bones 100 Day Challenge

Today is the final day of the Skinny Bones 100 Day Challenge that 40 women started 100 days ago (I am great at stating the obvious!).

Although I abandoned the whole thing around about half way through, I must say that my life has been transformed during these past 100 days.

Where are you now?

What about you? If you were an original challenger, how are you going? Are you in a better place than you were 100 days ago? What lessons have you learned? How has your life changed?

Is there a better way?

I do miss the sense of community we developed (and my pirate persona) and wonder if there is another way to rally together to support and encourage each other, especially over the holiday/feasting season.

I am thinking we could have a place where we set daily intentions, help each other out, express our gratitude and celebrate our successes. Any ideas on the best way to do that? A daily/weekly blog with comments? Twitter? Facebook? It needs to be quick and easy because I’m not going back to writing those epic posts every day!

Your ideas please!

I would love to hear your feedback. And don’t forget to let me know how you’ve been transformed over the past 100 days.

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