The Other Side of Miss KatieP

One of the subjects I am studying is called “Issues in Documentary” and as part of the course I have to blog four posts on the class blog.

If you are interested in my intellectual side, why don’t you head on over and have a read of what my classmates and I are saying about documentary film making. My first post is about a movie called “The Bridge” which deals with the Golden Gate Bridge as a suicide destination.

I am sure that there will be other interesting posts in the future. Please feel free to comment and engage in a conversation about how documentaries tell the truth (or not) and how they influence what we feel about our lives, our community and our world.

Please let me know if there is any documentary you love (or hate) and think I should watch. I would be particularly interested in things you have seen to do with body image, body building, eating disorders and suicide.

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