25 Ways to Keep the Magic Alive in Your Relationship


1. Play dress up

2. Pretend you are strangers and flirt in a bar

3. Go away for the weekend

4. Do something physically scary together – white water rafting, abseiling etc.

5. Send dirty text messages

6. Have boudoir photos taken and give them to your partner

7. Sleep naked

8. Have sex anywhere but the bedroom

9. Kiss for longer than ten seconds

10. Write a love letter and hide it in his/her briefcase

11. Bring home a single flower

12. Eat somewhere totally different – at an exotic restaurant or maybe a street vendor

13. Take a ferry ride

14. Send a card in the post

15. Watch sexy foreign movies

16. Dance the night away

17. Give him/her a coconut oil massage

18. Go to a nudist beach

19. Get a personalised T-shirt made with your favorite private joke printed across the chest

20. Hike up a mountain

21. Eat dessert

22. Buy hotel quality crisp white sheets

23. Listen more

24. Go to a comedy show

25. Get up in the middle of the night to watch a meteor shower

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3 thoughts on “25 Ways to Keep the Magic Alive in Your Relationship

  1. PolyHubby and I were losing that spark and we did some of these suggestions. We still have work to do, but long kisses, watching a movie together, going on a date, etc helped get us back on the right track. 🙂

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