The Beauty of Imperfection • a spot of DIY

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I have owned these bedside tables since the 1980’s. I bought them in natural pine, but soon painted them black to match the waterbed(!) I had at the time. They have been through a marriage, out the other side and are still used in our master bedroom.

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After all these years a makeover was well overdue.

My boyfriend and I spent a day stripping off the black paint, sanding them back and repainting the bedside tables. Not all the old paint came off and the new paint is a light wash which reveals the imperfections underneath.

finding beauty in imperfection after
The renovated bedside tables are not perfect or modern. But I love the way the look in the bedroom. Now all I need to do is change the lampshades to white and I’ll be happy.

Have you been productive over the holidays? Are you an expert renovator or an amateur like me?

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13 thoughts on “The Beauty of Imperfection • a spot of DIY

  1. We have built our bed and a double wardrobe and are finishing the house this year. Both are in use and add to the ramshackle feel of our home. I like cosy not always professional design except kitchens and bathrooms x

  2. OH wow! I absolutely LOVE that look, those colors, and the style of your bedroom! How long did it take you to transform the dresser? I have never done a DIY project like this. Good job, you! The pillows are perfectly tied to the dresser’s colors. I love the design of each of them.

    Now, go get that white lamp! 🙂

    1. Hi Chris

      It took two of us about 8 hours to do the lot. The longest job was the sanding with a wire brush attachment because my BF is a bit anal LOL.

      I actually took the pillows with me to match the paint colours.

  3. Wonderful! I love the transformation. So inspiring and uplifting. They must feel like brand new acquisitions. And I also love the lights on your bed. My new bed arrives tomorrow and while I have the new duvet I still need a cover. Had thought of going with white and your photo has confirmed it.
    Off to shop.

  4. Gorgeous, Katie. Love the colours, and really like the light wash… the show-through adds to the appeal. I love that you have fairy lights around your headboard too. I’m a huge fan of fairy lights. 🙂

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