Sexual Differences Between Men & Women You Might Not Know About

In general terms (taking into account the wide range of human experiences), there is a huge difference between the way men and women view sexual intimacy.

Most women need to feel loved before they are ready to get sexy with a man.

Most men see sex as an expression of love and don’t feel truly loved until after intimacy.

This difference in perspective has the potential to be a major problem.

This little video I made (a long time ago), might help clear things up.

If you can’t see the video in your browser click here.

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6 thoughts on “Sexual Differences Between Men & Women You Might Not Know About

  1. How cute is that video?! super-cute! I like how the avatars have no necks. Back to the subject…I pretty much agree. Except when you’re in your 20’s, men (boys) just care about getting it in without thought to love or no-love, oftentimes.

  2. Love this! I smiled from start to finish, with an occasional giggle thrown in. Cute video. I agree with the message in the video. Not sure ALL men would though 😉

  3. I am skeptical about the video because men will tell a woman whatever they think she needs to hear to hopefully, get her into bed with him.
    This video is all about lust not love.
    I already know that I am beautiful and all that!
    I will need much, much, more than a man flattering me to want to make love to him!
    The video is shallow and juvenile.
    It reminds me of the teenage boy, Hormone Harry, telling his teenage girlfriend, “If you really, really, love me, you will go to bed with me!” Then dumping his girlfriend two weeks after the sexual encounter. Hormone Harry is then off to a new conquest using the same tactics!
    This video is highly insulting to intelligent women, and all women!

  4. I would agree with Steel. Outside a committed relationship between two mature adults it’s just a boy getting what he wants without reapect to the girl. However, inside a marriage for example, I still want to hear that he finds me attractive in my looks and my personality to be “in the mood”. Husbands can forget how important it is to want to feel loved Before we jump back in the sack. Otherwise, it can still leave the wife feeling used.

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