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One of the pillars of a good relationship is sexual compatibility. But when you’re in the early stages of meeting someone, it is sometimes awkward or uncomfortable to bring up the subject of sexual preferences.

I started thinking what it would be like if we were able to express our Sexual Personality Type™ in the same way we talk about our Myers-Briggs personalities. It would definitely make talking about sexual desire a whole lot easier.

So I created the Sexual Personality Type™ Quiz. It is short, sweet and to the point.

quiz 1

Part One – WHO are you attracted to?

This first part has been modified from the Purple/Red Scale of Attraction and clarifies your sexual orientation.

Please note that I’ve changed the original text from sex to gender to include those whose gender identity is different from their biology. I also acknowledge that there are more choices than just “opposite” and “same” gender — if you are gender fluid or non-binary I hope you will forgive my over-simplification. 

→ For Part One, choose a number from 0 to 7.

When it comes to physical relationships …

0.  I am exclusively attracted to the opposite gender

1.  I am mostly attracted to the opposite gender

2.  I prefer the opposite gender but I am also attracted to the same gender

3.  I am equally attracted to both genders

4. I prefers the same gender but I am also attracted to the opposite gender

5. I am mostly attracted to the same gender

6. I am exclusively attracted to the same gender

7. It’s complicated – we need to talk

quiz 2

Part Two – How high is your LIBIDO?

Do you want sex all the time, or do you just feel like it on birthdays and holidays? Part Two expresses your level of sexual desire.

→ For Part Two, choose the letter that best describes how often you desire sex.

A.   Asexual – I never desire sexual intimacy

L.   Low sexual drive – I desire sexual intimacy once every week or two

M.  Moderate sexual drive – I desire sexual intimacy 2-3 times a week

H.  High sexual drive – I desire sexual intimacy every day

V.  Very high sexual drive – I desire sexual intimacy multiple times a day

C.  It’s complicated – we need to talk

quiz 3

Part Three – How much are sex and EMOTION connected for you?

Some of us will sleep with anyone and some of us won’t let anyone near our knickers until we’ve got a wedding ring on our finger. Part three is concerned with how much emotional investment you require before you will be sexually intimate with someone.

→ Part Three – choose the number that represents the LEAST amount of emotional connection you require before you have sex with someone.

10.  I will sleep with strangers

20.  I will sleep with friends who I’m not in a relationship with (FWB)

30.  I will sleep with someone I am casually dating

40.  I will sleep with someone once we’re exclusive

50.  I will sleep with someone once we’ve been dating for more than three months

60. I will sleep with someone once we’re living together

70.  I will sleep with someone once I’m engaged to them

80.  I will sleep with someone once I’m married to them

90. It’s complicated – we need to talk

quiz 4

Part Four – How sexually ADVENTUROUS are you?

Some of us prefer our sexual activity plain and simple and some of us like a bit of spice. Part Four attempts to identify how sexually adventurous you are (or could be).

→ Give yourself one point for each of the following activities you enjoy or would like to try.

⊗ Anal sex

⊗ Multiple sexual positions/locations

⊗ Multiple orgasms

⊗ Inflicting or receiving pain

⊗ Oral sex

⊗ Sex toys

⊗ Mutual masturbation

⊗ Group sex

⊗ Fetishes


0-3 points – Local explorer (LE)

4-6 points – International traveler (IT)

7-9 points – Mountain climber (MC)

It’s complicated – we need to talk – Pirate King (PK)

Your Results*

Now you have a Sexual Personality Type™ that you can express in a sequence of numbers and letters without having to go into awkward detail. You could ask your potential partner(s) to take this test too.

I am a 1-M-30-IT.

sexual personality type quiz T

So tell me in the comments, what are you?

*Please note this is just for fun and is not based on any scientific data or psychological research. The™ is not serious either.

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353 thoughts on “Your Sexual Personality Type™ • take the quiz

      1. Cool – and I like the T-shirt idea. While I was in the shower I came up with a name – the ALEK™ scale – attraction, libido, emotion and kink 🙂

        1. Like the tshirt idea but if you transformed the same letters you change the word to kale. It is supposed to be an ultimate power food. How healthy is your kale appetite? Is it Bitter or sweet? The kale scale! Endless possibilities.i

  1. This was a lot of fun and so much better than the Facebook quizzes that go around. My score is 0-M-90-IT. I enjoyed taking this quiz. Thanks for the fun!

  2. 0-H-40-MC
    Although, the 40 is just a guess. Got married when I was a baby. I think that would be my comfort level if I was single.

  3. 0-V-30-IT

    my only negative is that it’s too short…I’m a first born, Virgo so the more questions to analyse ourselves the better, hehe 😉

  4. What does it mean? Went to your website to find out-maybe you could provide a link for analysis? (Good way to get us to click through…)



    1. It means you’ve examined and expressed your preferences and your expectations I guess.

      It’s just a bit of fun 😀 Thanks for playing.

      1. Ahhh…thanks, Katie – I had it in my (overachieving) mind that you had it all worked out – that would be a project that would be worthy of monetizing (:

        All the best, and yes! Fun!!!


  5. I’m 2 V 30 IT.

    This test should be a requirement for couples before they commit long-term. Sexual compatibility is so important.

  6. I was taking the quiz, but when I saw there was an answer “asexual,” I figured there wwasn’t any point in obtaining a score. To me, asexual wiped out any need to answer the other questions. Fun quiz.

    1. I’m not an expert, but I understand that asexuality doesn’t always exclude romantic feelings, a libido or even participating in sex. It just means you aren’t sexually attracted to a person.

      But I understand that a lot of the questions might not apply. Thank you for reading and sharing your perspective.

  7. 0-A-90-LE

    I’m boring. But it is complicated. I was very different single than I am married. Single, my sex drive was through the roof. My favorite parts are the first kiss, the first touch, getting him to the next level while stopping him from getting there. The mind games. The flirting. The best part, knowing very little about him. I used to fantasize making love to someone who doesn’t speak English at all where our entire relationship is built on nonverbal language. Maybe someone in the dark where I’ll never know what they looked like. I’ll only know how they made me feel. Maybe a drill sgt where he can talk to me like I’m his trainee. … Married, eh. I love my husband like a son now because he acts like a son more than a man. I won’t cheat. So I try to psychologically build my husband into something attractive emotionally, and he does for a minute, but before we can get a chance to do anything because life, work and kids, he screws it up every time. And I struggle with PTSD from a rape, so it’s not an easy thing for me anyway. I haven’t made love sober since the one rape that did me in.

  8. 1 M 30 MC
    It is so interesting how my results would be so different if I were taking this quiz 11 years ago or during other age milestones. I’m 41 now. As I was answering these questions I found myself thinking of now vs then. Very entertaining quiz.

  9. I’m a 2 – C – 40 – IT. I loved taking this quiz! It brought up some questions for me. I had to go back a couple of times and make a change or “2”, lol! ????????????

  10. 2-M-40-LE

    It’s definitely changed throughout the years! 10-15 years ago I would have classified myself as a 1-M-10-MC.

  11. I am a 1-V-50-MC, but I’ve also been celibate the last 10 years! I have completely failed at 1-night stands- lol

  12. I am O M 30 IT, although the number may change: I am on year 3 of no sex in my marriage (32 years married). None. For the last 3 years. At this point, if I suddenly found myself suddenly single or so inclined, I might have sex with strangers.

      1. So true. Cloudy judgement is my biggest fear when I do travel that path. Thank you, I enjoy your blog so much!

  13. 1 V 30 IT

    Loved the quiz. have to say Im happily married with lots of kids (6), so I guess the 30 is a bit redundant since I only sleep with my husband haha. But he was a 30 😀

  14. I am a 1 V 20 MC, proudly so, and I’d love to wear it on a tshirt!
    Thanks for designing this quiz. It was fun but also started very interesting conversations with some of my friends.

    1. It doesn’t “mean” anything except that you’ve thought about your preferences and now know what they are. It was just for fun.

  15. I’m a 3 V 10 9 is that a bad thing for a woman to be that highly sexual? I mean I’ve been called derogitory names for this.

    1. Being highly sexual is not a bad thing — it is what makes you unique and interesting. People call me derogatory name too — just ignore them.

  16. 2-H-10-MC
    After 35 years of marriage, and the promise to myself that i would get the kids grown before i divorce, i realised one day that they were, and the grands are settled. Added to a double near death experience, i have decided that there are fewer years ahead of me than behind me, i began to make plans, and met an amazing woman. I am away from the husband and the “friend”, helping a daughter overseas for a year. When i return, i will divorce, and begin living the life i want, including sex, and play, and snuggles, i will no longer allow myself to be ignored, my sex drive has skyrocketed, because i am happy.

  17. O-V-18-PK!!
    I was a stiffled wife, until the man finally made his way out of the closet.. and I AM making up for EVERYTHING I missed.. I’m trying it all!! and more and more
    My current BF still never ceases to amaze me

  18. 3-M-40-IT.

    Although, that M doesn’t necessarily mean sex with another person; I don’t mind getting myself off a couple of times a week.

  19. Okay so mine is a bit conplicated because I’m kinda between a few things.

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