How to Make a Pinterest Pin in PowerPoint in Under 5 Mins

When the photos we use for our blog posts are horizontal, it is challenging to make them into a vertical pin. The problem is that when making them the right portrait proportions, we lose too much of the edges of the photo. A simple way to alleviate this problem is to make the photo take up less space in the pin and fill the rest with white space and text.


You don’t need an expensive photo editing program or a lot of time to do this. You can make designer pins in PowerPoint in less than five minutes using a simple template.

pinterest template

Click here to download the template : PINTEREST TEMPLATE

Here’s a quick video on how to make a professional pin in less than five minutes using PowerPoint.


  1. Copy your image and paste it into the template as a PICTURE.
  2. Drag the corner handles to resize the photo without changing the ratio.
  3. Line up the photo with the slide at the top, and the dotted line at the bottom.
  4. CROP the sides of the photo so it lines up with the edges of the slide.
  5. Delete the dotted line (select and press DELETE)
  6. Click on the rectangular object and choose SHAPE FILL.
  7. Choose EYEDROPPER and pick a colour from the photo
  8. Click on the shape to change colour
  9. Type over the text – changing the size to fit.
  10. Change the colour of the website text to the same as the shape colour using the EYEDROPPER.
  11. Save the Powerpoint as a JPEG by choosing EXPORT, CHANGE FILE TYPE and picking JPEG
  12. Upload to Pinterest

I hope you enjoy this easy way to make eye-catching, repinnable pins with PowerPoint. I’d love to see your efforts so if you use this method, please leave your Pinterest profile link in the comments so I can check you out.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. You always have the most striking pins and it surprised me that you used Power Point. Great tutorial, although I was hoping to hear you!

  2. I really struggle with making images pinnable. Thank you for sharing! The template helps so much. I’ve shared on pinterest too! Do you know of a similar template for IG by chance?

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