Friday on My Mind

friday on my mindThis morning I woke up slowly knowing that I didn’t have to rush to work today. As I rolled over I was delighted to find that Duck Fish Man was already awake and looking at me with love and desire in his eyes. As I snuggled in to him, I was surprised to find that he had already been up and shaved so that his face would be smooth when we kissed.

With nowhere to be, and no one to answer to, we spent hours exploring each other’s nakedness and making love with our bodies, hearts, souls and spirit. My heart swelled with so much love, that tears of joy ran down my face expressing my wordless prayer of gratitude to the Universe for sending me the man of my dreams.

Our breakfast was at a little café on Blues Point Road where we devoured our cooked meal like starving children. We smiled in secret at our recent memories, wondering again if all love stories felt as exquisitely magical as ours.

There was another Friday morning seven weeks ago that started a lot like today. It was only four days after Duck Fish Man and I had first met each other in the flesh, and he had flown back early from Melbourne to spend Thursday night and Friday with me. Like today, I had taken the day off work to be with him.

On that Friday, we had also been reluctant to leave the bedroom and had finally ended up at the same café as today, eating our first meal out together. I can remember clearly that as we reveled in our newly discovered fascination with each other, my husband had been walking past on the opposite side of the street. That was the last time I saw him alive.

This morning, as that memory slammed into my consciousness and dimmed the light in my eyes, Duck Fish Man felt it immediately. He looked over at me, drinking in my pain and quietly said “That’s not your story”.

The dark shadow flickered and faded like the final frame of an old black and white movie and then there was light again. Pure, rainbow-hued love swelled and surged into my heart and into the space in between us and around us.

My story is a love story and every day a new chapter is indelibly written upon my raw, unfiltered heart. And today my tears were only shed in joy and not in pain.

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